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Green Baltic Amber Bead Necklace with 925 Sterling Silver Skull Pendant


Embrace your love for genuine Baltic Amber by wearing Amberico’s collection of unisex amber necklaces, beautifully crafted into a variety of unique designs, including beads. With the natural healing and inflammatory properties of the gemstone, amber bracelets not only adorn your looks but also act as a natural healer. Available in the combination of Baltic amber with sterling silver or gold-plated options, these are timeless pieces to complete your exotic look at every occasion. Offering some bold, pretty, crisp designs with minimal details, our handmade Amber bracelets evoke the exquisite fashion sense in you.

Our jewellery designs and styles are inspired by the demands of our customers and the latest jewellery trends across the globe. We are pleased to offer you a comfortable shopping experience from home by visiting our jewelry online shop. 

  • Material: Baltic Amber, 925 Sterling Silver
  • Chain length one-sided: Approx. 44cm (excl. pendant)
  • Chain style: Bead (beads measure 9-11 mm)
  • Thread: Silver plated jewelry wire
  • Primary color: Greenish
  • 925 Sterling Silver skull: Length ca 6 cm, width ca 1,5 cm