Amberico is a unique brand in the world of minimalism, brining beautifully crafted pieces of amber, silver, and gold-plated jewelry. Our jewelry items are carefully selected and elegantly designed to go well with every kind of personality. Our jewelry is not only classic but luxurious as well. We are proud to present beautiful jewelry that captures the essence of nature with unique gemstones and seamless designs. Amberico has continued to grow over the years, known as a renowned high street jewelry brand throughout Germany.

Our Jewelry


Americo Jewelry is unique and contemporary, made with fine artistry and exquisite detail. The inspiration behind our jewelry is deeply rooted in the beauty of nature, where we bring it as an authentic reference to our unique creations. Amberico Jewelry comes with uncompromising quality and finish. Our minimalist jewelry pieces are ready to stack you to adorn your delicate, personalized look. From a unique collection of amber accessories to gold and silver beauties, we have an option for everyone.

Gold Plated


Discover the amazing collection of Gold Plated jewelry at Amberico and be ready to adore these minimalist beauties. Catering to the desire of modern and chic jewelry pieces, we bring irresistible options for gold plated jewelry lovers. This jewelry line works well for business meetings, weddings, and casual hangouts. Crafted with love, these delicate pieces with beautiful studs, leaf, wings, star and other charms catch the attention wherever you go. Available in a chain, cuff and various other designs, 18k gold plated jewelry is durable, allowing you to cherish the bond you share with it. Because it looks fantastic, you’ll feel perfect too!

Genuine Amber Jewelry


The magical world of amber is dated back to the bygone world where it begins with enormous forests of pine trees. The resign, seeping out from a damaged tree, is carried away with glaciers from the ice age. It then flows through the river to the Baltic Sea. Its journey through time hardens the resin, forming the precious amber gemstone. We are proud to offer a wide range of Baltic amber jewelry, coming in unique designs and a range of striking colours.

Sterling Silver


Shine like a diamond, they say! Featuring an attractive Sterling Silver jewelry collection, Amberico makes this dream come true. Focusing on subtle and minimalistic pieces, our sparkly designs stand out from the rest. We have chain-style Sterling Silver jewelry adorned with precious gemstones for people who want something out-of-the-box. It also features unique charms that intensify the look. Sterling silver jewelry is made only from 925 Silver to create these beauties with durability. Believe in the magic of this Sterling Silver jewelry, it’ll elevate your mood and turn heads around.