We are Introducing Something Different and We are So Happy to Have You With Us


Amberico Boutique Café is a new concept shop where we strive to make our customers feel more comfortable with a cup of coffee, delicious treats, impeccable shopping jewelry, and vibrant ambiance. In the spring of 2020, owner Laura Ritter came with the idea of converting her jewelry store to a “boutique café” where customers can enjoy a coffee, cocktail, and light treats when shopping. We are not your average modern jewelry store or a coffee shop but a beautiful combination of both where you can have peace, fun, and pleasant vibes. Our trendsetting boutique café offers the finest quality products and exceptional customer services to its valuable customers. We also have Amberico’s online store where you can shop jewelry from the comfort of your home.

Stunning Jewelry Collection


 At Amberico Boutique Cafe, you’ll find a wide selection of classic amber jewelry and cutting-edge sterling silver and gold-plated jewelry. From fashion rings and exquisite bracelets to minimalist necklaces and beautiful earrings, all our jewelry selection comes in different designs and unique styles to enhance your unique looks. Our jewelry designs and styles are inspired by the demands of our customers and the latest jewelry trends across the globe. We also offer a wide range of exotic antiques that you’ll love.

Specialty Coffee


Amberico Café Boutique is a perfect spot for coffee lovers. Besides our amazing jewelry collection, we offer you a unique coffee that tastes great and is sure to entice your buds. You can sit down to enjoy a spicy cup of coffee while your spouse shops or after you are done with the tiresome shopping experience. Our café has everything from tailor-made coffee to specialty beverages that taste perfect and are health-friendly.