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Perforated Glass Infuser Stick


Let’s replace the same, plain out water routine with detox, fresh flavored drinks.

We bring you an inexpensive, highly-functional Glass Infuser Stick that makes a lovely water jug and allows you to enjoy more refreshing, infused drinks. You can toss in your favorite fruits, vegetables, teas, herbs, or gemstones to the infuser to create flavored water and enjoy the goodness of health. Moreover, you can see-through the crystal-clear glass infuser to boost the ambiance and mood.

Give your water an all-natural, elixir boost with our Perforated Glass Infuser Stick.

ENJOY FLAVOR-INFUSED DRINKS- Infuse with your favorite flavors- strawberries, apple, oranges, blackberries, cucumber, tea, and more, to enjoy detox, delicious beverages on the go.

PROMOTE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE- Make a healthy, calorie-free drink within a few minutes to boost your metabolism, promote weight loss, and improve overall health. It is also an easy way to increase your daily water intake.

BOOST MENTAL HEALTH- You can also add amber or other safe gemstones to the infuser to boost your mood, energy levels, and spiritual health. Amber, specifically, helps improve thyroid function and liver function, boosts immunity, relieves pain, and supports the nervous system.

ENCHANTING VIEW- Place our fruit and gemstone infused tube inside the glass jug, set on a table, and see through a rainbow of dancing colors to uplift your mood and get positive vibes.

LARGE CAPACITY- Designed with a large capacity to hold a large number of items along with gemstones.

CONVENIENT AND TRENDY- Features holes at the end of the tube, allowing content inside to make a contact with the water. You can store our compact, lid secure, and good proof infuser in a limited place.

SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN- Thick, durable, odorless, and easy to handle and clean.

Safety Precautions:

  • Make sure to thoroughly wash any fruit, vegetables, herbs, amber, or other gemstones with running water before infusing them.
  • Be careful about the type of gemstones you use for crystal-infused water. Some crystals are not safe to be placed in drinking water and be toxic to health.

The material provided by AMBERICO is for information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. We assume no responsibility for the treatment or cure of any illness or disease.

Perforated Glass Infuser Stick for Gemstones, Fruits or Vegetable


  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Length : Approx. 250 mm
  • Diameter: Approx 30 mm 


Features holes at the end of the tube, allowing content inside to make a contact with the water.